Kashmir, the so-called paradise on earth.
Has seen more bloodbaths than snowfalls since birth.

Sadly the Kashmiris, a gentle tribe of the land,
Have paid with their blood for leaders’ political bands.

The more they are tortured to get silenced and choked,
The more they get resilient to create their presence marked.

The more they’re bullied and get hurt,
The more they recall every scar and their burnt.

The more they’re traumatized and repressed,
The more they rise and shine from their distress.

The more they’re ignored in their nation by its masses,
The more world recognizes their talents in the classes.

The more they get oppressed by their federal rule,
The more they blaze like stardust blue.

The more they’re buried deep down in the sand,
The more they learn to thrive voluntarily in their land.

Like air, if they’re confined to any chambers,
The more they’re omnipresent in all the spaces.

Like the waves, if their outreach is impeded,
The more they propel magnanimously and supersede.

They genuinely get appalled at the forced inhumanity,
But still, find peace in adhering to their humanity.

They have every reason to get broken by the faced violence,

But yet, preach sermons to their offspring of resilience.

They get choked and disheartened at the barbarity,
But regardless, choose over a million times morality.

It’s tough to forgive those who’ve inked their saga in vulnerability,
But yet plead to God to do justice and show sensibility.

Kashmir is not all about its land and natural beauty,
Kashmir has its soul, residing in its people, culture and vitality.

The day we’ll realise Kashmir and Kashmiris are inseparable,
That day we’ll bring peace, to make it look more favorable.

That’s what Incredible Kashmir a paradise, is all about,
That’s what Kashmiriat the trend of magnificence is all about.


By Arshi Alvi

Associated with Bazm-e-Urdu (Dubai). HELP (NGO) working for upliftment of society through different means. Poet of both the Languages English-Urdu Independent writer/Blogger Teacher by profession.